Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

BC Housing’s privacy policy applies to the information we collect in the:

  • Operation of BC Housing’s website
  • Application and other supporting information for residential builder licensing and owner builder authorizations 
  • Online store and event registrar
  • Online Housing Application
  • eRecruit system
  • Email subscription service
  • Online BC HOME Partnership Application
  • Contact us feature

As a public body, BC Housing is subject to British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This is legislation that, among other things, governs the collection, use, disclosure, storage and retention of personal information. The Act defines personal information as recorded information about an identifiable individual, excluding business contact information. 

The privacy, confidentiality and security of your personal information are of great importance to us. We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality and respecting your personal privacy in a manner that complies with the Act.

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  1. Web user
  2. Social media collection notice
  3. Residential builder licensing and owner builder authorizations
  4. Online store and event registrar
  5. Online Housing Application
  6. Housing Applicant Satisfaction Survey
  7. eRecruit system
  8. Email subscription
  9. Online BC HOME Partnership Application
  10. Webinars, Seminars and Learning On Demand
  11. Contact us

Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on this website. This web analytics tool helps us gain insights into how our website is used, with a view to improving the online experience for customers. Information about your visit will be collected, such as the pages you accessed on our site, the links you clicked on, and the date and time you visited the site. IP addresses are anonymized so that they cannot be used to identify individuals.

Please review how Google collects and uses this data for further information.

Also, learn about some of the ways you can control the information that is shared by your web browser.

Under What Authority Do We Collect Personal Information?

We collect personal information that relates directly to and is necessary for the administration of our programs and activities as permitted in Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. We also collect some information under the authority of the Homeowner Protection Act

What Personal Information Do We Collect? 

BC Housing collects information as described below.

1. Web user

When you visit, our web server automatically collects a limited amount of information essential for the operation and security of our website. Some of this information (for example, your browser type) does not identify who you are, while other information, such as your Internet domain name or IP address, may identify you. The extent of personal identification depends, in large part, on the naming standards followed by your Internet service provider.

Websites may distribute small pieces of information ("cookies") to web browsers to assist you when you return to specific areas on the site. If you subscribe to the email notifications on BC Housing’s website, your user information is stored in a database, and is retrieved as needed to distribute email notifications. A cookie is only being used to identify you as an email notification subscriber for future sessions. There are no other cookies on the BC Housing website.

If you have concerns about this, you can change your web browser to not accept this information or display warning messages.

2. Social media collection notice

The personal information you post to connect with BC Housing through social media sites may be collected by BC Housing for the purposes of engaging and consulting with you.

Please be aware that the information you post on these sites is not under BC Housing’s control, and it may be stored outside Canada on servers not belonging to BC Housing. Be sure to read the social media site’s privacy policy to determine its privacy practices.

To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include any personal information, including phone numbers and email addresses, in the body of your comment, or share personal information about others, including pictures.

If you have any questions about BC Housing’s collection of your personal information through social media sites, you may contact

3. Applications for residential builder licensing and owner builder authorizations

Under the authority of the Homeowner Protection Act, we collect and use information, some of which may be personal information, to:

  • License residential builders and other persons required to be licensed under the Act
  • Authorize owner builders
  • Carry out research and education with respect to residential construction in British Columbia

4. Online store and event registrar

To facilitate better service and management of services that require payment, BC Housing has contracted with, a service provider of secure web-based e-commerce solutions. GiftTool collects information about you exclusively for the purposes of the online store and event registrations.

  • Guest registrant
    As a registrant, you will provide us with information, some of which may be your personal information, so that we can register you in an event.
  • Customers
    Once you become a customer, the information collected is required to allow you to interact with our service, to process your online transactions, to provide you with reports on activity in your account, and to contact you with information regarding our service. We share the information that is necessary with the third parties involved in processing your transactions (for example, GiftTool or the financial institutions with which you have your bank accounts).
  • Credit card numbers
    When you use GiftTool-enabled services to make an online financial transaction, the credit card billing information, including the name on your card, billing address and expiration date, is used to process the transaction. All this information is encrypted using SSL/TLS strong encryption, which is industry standard secure technology. Please also refer to GiftTool’s Privacy Policy and Security Policy.

5. Online Housing Application

Applicants searching for subsidized housing have the option of using the Online Housing Application to submit an application to The Housing Registry.

The Housing Registry is a centralized database for housing providers that contains applicant information. Housing providers use the information to identify potential tenants when units become available. Individuals searching for subsidized housing can submit one application form to be considered for any available housing units in developments managed by The Housing Registry members. This means the personal information you submit using the Online Housing Application will be made available to The Housing Registry members.

The personal information collected in the Online Housing Application is used to:

  • Determine eligibility for subsidized housing through The Housing Registry;
  • Assess housing need
  • Identify housing developments that suit your needs

6. Applicant Satisfaction Survey

When you apply using the Online Housing Application, you will be given the option to complete the Online Housing Applicant Satisfaction Survey. The survey questions gather your feedback about the online housing application process and how it may be improved. BC Housing uses FluidSurveys to gather survey responses. BC Housing collects no personally identifiable information in the Survey.

7. eRecruit system

eRecruit is BC Housing’s online system to view and apply for jobs. If you are applying for employment through BC Housing’s eRecruit system, you will be required to provide personal information pertinent to your application for employment. The personal information you provide will be used by BC Housing hiring managers and human resources personnel to:

  • Review your application for employment
  • Assess your qualifications
  • Contact you for an interview if you are shortlisted

8. Email subscription

BC Housing uses an email notification system to send out email alerts on a variety of topics. People interested in receiving email alerts are able to subscribe by completing the subscription form. Through the subscription process, BC Housing collects your name, email address, type of subscriber, region in which you live and what information you would like to receive.

We only use this information to send you the email alerts that you have subscribed to. We do not share this information with third parties.

If you have received an email alert from BC Housing that you didn’t register for or wish to no longer receive, please contact us at  

9. Online BC HOME Partnership Application

Eligible first-time homebuyers who are applying for down payment assistance loans use the Online BC HOME Partnership Application to submit an application to BC Housing.

The personal information collected in the Online BC HOME Partnership Application is used to identify and contact you and to determine your eligibility for the program.

10. Webinars, Seminars and Learning On Demand

BC Housing uses Brix Studio to deliver webinar, seminar and on-demand learning services. The services provided by Brix Studio include technical support, assistance with webinar-related administration, attendance verification and payment processing.  Brix Studio uses the following third party services:

BigMarker: Brix Studio uses BigMarker to broadcast webinars.  As a result, your webinar participation activities (your name, the webinar you participate in and any comments you make during the webinar) will be disclosed, accessed and stored outside Canada by BigMarker, and subject to BigMarker’s Privacy Policy.  Your consent will be collected at the time of participation in the webinar for this purpose. You will have the option of participating in the webinar anonymously.

Bambora: Brix Studio (via the BC Housing Learning Centre website) uses Bambora, a PCI DSS compliant credit card processing gateway service for card transactions.  Information that shows how Bambora protects your personal information is available in Bambora’s Privacy Policy and on their certification and compliance page

Emails: Brix Studio uses BC Housing’s email subscription provider to send you a link to the events you have registered for.  The information shared with the email subscription provider is limited to your email address and the event you have registered for.  The information is not shared with other third parties.

11. Contact us

Various pages of our website provide email addresses at which you may contact us. Should you send us an email, any personal information you include is collected and may be stored by BC Housing. Email is not a secure method of communication. Therefore, if you intent to submit confidential, financial, medical, or other personal information, you may wish to either call the appropriate department or submit information and documents by mail or fax.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

BC Housing has safeguards in place to protect your personal information against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal.

BC Housing stores and processes your personal information exclusively in Canada. Your information is protected using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the safeguards used are firewalls, intrusion detection, physical access controls to our data centres, and information access authorization controls.

Personal information will be used by authorized staff only to fulfil the purpose for which it was originally collected or for a use consistent with that purpose. We do not disclose your personal information to other public bodies, third parties or individuals except as required or authorized by law or with your consent.

Email is not a secure method of communication. Therefore, if you intent to submit confidential, financial, medical, or other personal information, you may wish to either call the appropriate department or submit information and documents by mail or fax.

Requesting Access to Your Records

To obtain access to your records or to request a correction to a record you must make a written request. You may complete the Request for Access to Records Form  or provide your request in a letter or email. Please be as specific as possible in describing the records you are requesting, so that we can ensure our response meets your needs. If BC Housing does not have custody or control of your records, we will provide you with the contact information of the organization that holds your records.


If you have any questions or concerns about BC Housing’s Privacy Policy, contact BC Housing’s Privacy Officer:

By mail: Privacy Officer, 1701-4555 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC  V5H 4V8
By phone: 604-433-1711 or toll-free 1-866-465-6873
By email: